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room makeoverA room or home makeover doesn’t require a big budget on hand. You do not need to buy new furniture to give your home a stylish touch. You just have to be creative enough to enhance your home.

Below are six easy styling tips you can do to your home:

Go Organic!

Using or having an organic element in a room makes it more alive. You do not have to buy a bunch of flowers or floral ornaments to achieve it. Instead, you can use a pair of scissors and cut out a few branches in your yard. A single stem flower will also do. Then, put it in a vase and place it on a side table in your living room. That simple!

Stack them up!

Having a fireplace at home is really great. Though at some point, it may look dull because it is a big, black hole and empty if you aren’t using it. It may be dull to look at. So, why not stack up woods in there to have a lighter look on it. This will be really cool and stylish.

Make it Comfy!

Adding up throw pillows on your sofa can really add accent! It can add texture and color to your sofa. Throw pillows are great if you want your living room to look so comfortable where you can just relax or take a nap. They create an inviting spot where you can curl up while you are reading your favorite book or just want to take yourself to dreamland for a couple of minutes.

Monochromatic has Magic!

Keeping a stack of white towels in your bathroom will help it to make look fresh and crisp. The monochromatic color effect is aesthetically soothing and makes a clean impression. They are simple yet elegant too!

Accessorize Your Coffee Table

A large coffee table is sometimes boring to look at. Try adding some beautiful art books or magazines to make it look more inviting. This will help the room look brighter and lighter. And for sure, you’ll love sipping your coffee while reading your favorite book!

Flaunt that Piece!

Why keep your favorite display inside a cabinet if you can flaunt its beauty? Showcase that great display on a table in your dining or anywhere that you can actually appreciate its value. I bet, you’ll love it more when you see it displayed than kept!

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