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BENEFITS of The Rent to Own Program:

  • Choose Your Home! – You get to go out there and choose the home of your dreams, as long as it fits within the requirements.
  • Easier Approval! – Our program is designed to help those who might have bad credit, no credit, or might have difficulty getting approved for a mortgage because they are self employed, new to Canada, a seasonal worker, etc. We help you build and repair credit, and help you save money while in the program.
  • Lower Initial Down Payment! – 0% down payment required! All we require is a small deposit (option consideration fee) that will be credited towards your purchase at the end of the program when you decide to buy the property.
  • Fixed Monthly Payments! – Your monthly payments will not go up, so you can have piece of mind, and budget accordingly.
  • Locked in Purchase Price! – The rent to own program is based on you renting the home for a period of time with the option to buy that house at a predetermined price. (Based on average appreciation in that area) Once a price is set, it will not change. You will know the purchase price right away; you do not need to worry about market fluctuations, or house prices sky rocketing.
  • Down Payment Savings Program! – We help you save for your down payment over the term of your rent to own program. This helps ensure you have the necessary money to qualify and purchase the home at the end of the term. This also prepares you for the added expense that can come with home ownership.
  • Improve Your Credit! – Our credit repair program specialists work with you to improve your credit rating so that you will easily qualify to buy the home. In doing so, this can also help you get the lowest interest rates, and best terms when it comes to getting your own mortgage!
  • No Realtor Fees When You Buy! – Because this is a private sale, there are no Realtor fees when you buy at the end of the term. This helps you get a great price on the home.
  • Get Your Rent Back! – Everytime you pay your rent on time, a portion of your rent will be credited towards your down payment. These monthly credits, as well as your initial deposit (option consideration fee) create a large down payment that is required when you decide to buy the property.
  • It’s Your Home! – If you wish to renovate, paint, decorate, you can do as you choose without getting approval from your landlord—because… it’s your home!
  • No More Landlords! – Never need to worry about landlords bothering you again because we treat you like a home owner.
  • You Become a Home Owner! – Wahoo- you did it, you can proudly say you own your own home!