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Rent to Own Program

What is Rent to Own?

Rent to own is when someone is renting a property and they have an option to buy that property and own it, at some time in the future.

Rent to Own May Be FOR YOU!!

  • Have you been Refused for credit by the bank?
  • Have you been Refused or declined for a mortgage by the bank?
  • Is Your Credit Rating Low?
  • No Credit?
  • Don’t have enough for the full down payment needed?
  • Are you Self employed and having a hard time proving income?

*If you have answered YES to any of these… Maybe we can help!!
We have solutions for most people, no matter what the problems are!

With our Rent to Own Program We have a:

  • Down Payment Savings Program
  • Credit Repair Program
  • Mortgage specialists

(Note: You are not renting the property until completely paid for à You are saving enough of a down payment, and building your credit so that you can get the mortgage on your own!)

The 4 Steps to the Rent to Own Program:

  1. Apply
    Start by completing the short application online. This is so we know more about your situation, and determine how we can best fit you into the rent to own program.
    We will follow this with a conditional pre-approval to determine what price range you able to qualify for and create a personalized rent to own plan. Apply Now!
  2. Start House Shopping
    Next you will start looking at homes with one of our Realtors. You can look at any house on MLS, as well as private sale. Once you find something you like, we bring it to one of our investors who will buy it for you.
  3. Move In
    Once the home has been purchased, you will be able to move in and live as if it is already your home. During that time our credit specialists will be working with you to help you improve and rebuild your credit, and get your down payment savings established.
  4. Purchase
    At the end of the term of the rent to own program you will have the option to buy the home. At this point you will be able to exercise your option and buy the home from our investor. Everything will then be transferred into your name and the home will officially be yours!

Stop Renting and Start Owning!