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Do you have a place you can call a home?

A home is a dwelling place; it is a place close to our hearts, for individuals or family it is often a house, apartment, or a building and some alternatively makes a mobile home, houseboat or any portable shelter. Home is where people can live, where people can feel warmth and peace, where people share a lot of emotions, it is a place where family or a household is form.

The feeling of being “at home” can’t be bought, however we lavish not only money but also time and creativity on our house and in that we establish intimate relationship with it and in return, a home can give us comfort pleasure and sanctuary.


“There is no place like home” as the old saying goes, and truly apart from our homes or not having a house for a home feels like you’re missing something in life, a home gives us a sense of security that by the end of a very tiring day from work or from school there is a place to shelter you in and unwind from all the stress that we feel.


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