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Looking to buy a home?
Keep It Real Estate Solutions can make that happen for you!!

Specializing in Rent to Own Homes in Kitchener, Waterloo, Baden, Stratford and surrounding area

Rent to Own Homes is a great solution for many people like you! Whether you are unable to get a mortgage because of things that happened in the past.  Maybe because of your work situation, or because you are unable to come up with the full down payment, we at Keep It Real Estate Solutions are here to help you have the chance to own your own home!

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Stop Renting, Start Owning!

Rent To Own Program

Stop renting and start owning with our simple 4 step process! We can help no matter what the situation.  The time to start is now!
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Credit Repair Program

You will work with a credit repair professional to improve your credit so that when you get a mortgage it will be with the best rates and terms!
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credit repair program

Our down payment savings program helps you save your down payment while you are already living in the home of choice.
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Monthly Down Payment House Prpgram

Fixed monthly payments that will include all home costs, as well as a down payment savings plan included! Payments not much higher than renting.
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We understand sometimes things happen in life that can sometime affect or limit your options when looking to purchase a house. That is why we at Keep It Real Estate Solutions have come up an easy Rent to Own Program that gets you into a home faster, and with support along the way! We have a team of professionals that can help anyone own a home no matter what the situation, we will come up with a solution! If you have been looking for a way to own a home and have given up on the banks, then we are a great match for you. We help set the plan, you follow it and in a short period of time you will be owning your own home!

Our Rent to Own Program is your key to owning your own home! It’s a great way for you to stop paying rent and start putting your hard earned money to your greatest asset, a home.

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We are devoted to your satisfaction, and take pride in our work. Every specialist on our team is trained, ready and willing to help!
We have helped many people like you, in all sorts of situations. Our team of professionals is waiting to serve you.
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